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  Dave Courtney takes the Cannes Film Festival by Storm!
  With his new film "Hell To Pay" He came, he saw, he conquered.

Dave Courtney roared into the Cannes film festival on a Harley Davidson, like a king. People screamed, clapped and shouted his name, as he smiled and bowed with approval to the admiration of the crowds.

Around forty of his family and friends were with him for his journey into stardom.

Nothing could stop this man from going to Cannes.

I do believe certain people tried. Sorry guys! I had to laugh looks like you didn't succeed, considering the huge success Dave had.

To the little man in the blue and white sweatshirt, you only had to ask and we would have bought you a drink. You didn't have to stand watching us all by yourself. I am sure Dave would have been more than happy, to give you his autograph.

Everyone arrived happy and excited at the hotel, after a long tiring, 20-hour coach journey. Although absolutely shattered it was obvious people were bursting with energy and anticipation of what laid ahead. What came next was beyond anything, anyone, could have imaged.

Having got all the boys together for a photo shoot, it was an amazing sight. They were all dressed in chic suites looking like a million dollars. This alone started to pull the crowds; the women were climbing over themselves to see huge men, all dressed in black suits. You could feel the electricity in the air. The best was yet to come.

As I was about to take the first shot you could hear a roar in the distance, yes, it was Dave Courtney. He pulled up on a black gleaming, Harley Davidson. (Sorry Doug). Stepped off and bowed to the crowd. That's when the screaming and clapping began. It was deafening.

Instead of taking photos I was pushed forward as the crowed tried to get nearer to Dave. Lucky for me, Paul and Kevin came to my rescue and tried to take some control of things. Needless to say, the photos had to wait, as Dave was signing autographs on his posters, to the great delight of the crowd. Now the only thing you could hear was "That's Dave Courtney" but the whisper got louder.

There were lots of private parties going on in Cannes, promoting different stars etc, which were invites only! Not us, any party Dave decided he wanted to be a part of, we just walked in. After all who is going to argue with Dave Courtney and forty men, who are built like brick walls! Once we were in people were very nice. Dave passed us all a drink!!

This continued all day. I have never been to so many up market parties. We even got invited to Hugh Hefner's party but Dave was far to busy. Russell Crowe was at Cannes happily signing autographs. We were surprised to see that he was by himself, not with his Gladiators. Unlike Mr Courtney, who took his Gladiators with him!

Needless to say when Dave turned up with the boys and his diamond studded knuckle-duster, Mr Crowe was nowhere to be seen as the crowd moved to Dave.

Having had a really busy day we headed back to our hotel. We were all having a sit down meal all together, before our opening night for "HELL TO PAY" at the "STAR CINEMA IN CANNES" on "SATURDAY 12th MAY 2002" We even had our own Oscar night. Dave gave his own Oscars to the stars of his film and people who had helped him all the way and believed in him. Needless to say we were in fits of laughter.

Again we descended on Cannes in style, in a hail of taxies. Apart from Dave who rode his Harley Davidson. The boys were suited and booted, the ladies looked divine. We were all excited and nervous at the same time, wondering what sort of reception the film was going to get. Would people like it or would they rip it to pieces? We were driving into the unknown. Hearts pounding, smoking like there was no tomorrow and shaking at the same time. What a huge mixture of emotions. God knows what was going through Dave’s mine as he drove to Cannes for his big night.

Well let me tell you, what happened next would have blown you away. Having arrived at the cinema, in we went, only we opened the door to go and see "Hell To Pay" We couldn't get in!

I hear you asking, had they changed their minds? Did they even bother to turn up? Was it shut? Or were we a flop before we had began? No, none of these things, the whole place was packed to the hilt. We could not get in. The doorman said "No" we tried to explain to him that this was our film in our best French! He just said "No seats, no seats" On opening the door to let us see, all the seats were taken, people were even sitting on the floor. We stood there with our mouths open, absolute shock. The shock then turned to huge smiles, then laughter, then running around screaming like children on Christmas morning, knowing that Father Christmas has been. Do you remember that feeling? That's when I noticed grown men trying to be macho, eyes started to fill.

The Place was full with TV people, Journalist, Producers, Magazines and people off the street. We could hear them all laughing from time to time, at the humour in "HELL TO PAY" What seemed like an eternity of waiting was brought to a stop by the sound of cheering and clapping. On opening the door we were delight to see a standing ovation.

Like I said at the very beginning!


Mr Courtney We Salute You


This page last updated 19th December 2002