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  Courtney in 'Guns' Arrest - South London Press January 1, 2002
  DAVE COURTNEY has been arrested dressed as a vicar!

DAVE COURTNEY has been arrested for possession of two 'Machine guns' and four 'Handguns' after being stopped by police while driving to a film set dressed as a vicar.

Two policemen stopped the former hardman as he drove along Deptford high Street a fortnight ago and arrested him in connection with possession of firearms. The 42-year-old writer was on his way to the film set of a movie called 'Demonic', which is being filmed in North London, at the time.

Mr Courtney was wearing a dog collar and flowing robes, having donned the vicar's outfit to play the part of a religious guru in the film.

He was arrested and later given bail.

When cops asked Mr Courtney if he had anything to say in his defence he said he told one of them "Bless you my son" before giving the sign of the cross.

A police source said Mr Courtney was arrested during an early morning patrol and said the 'guns' had been passed to the police lab to find out if they were capable of firing live ammo.

Mr Courtney was bailed until February.