My Friend Lea Walker


The Lovely Lea first met Dave about seven years ago when she was working at the biggest Sex Supermarket in Europe in Nottingham, "The Adult Gift Shop".  She and Dave hit it off at once and after a few lunchtime drinks and an evening session they became good friends and have kept in touch ever since.  Dave says that she is "an outstanding lady" - what do you mean by that Dave?  They have worked together on many occasions since.

Her career has come on by leaps and bounds since being on Big Brother 7 with appearances on:

This Morning
Richard and Judy
8 out of 10 cats
Friday Night Project
The Mint
X Factor
Countdown to stars 2006
Extreme Celebrity Surgery
Extreme Skinny Celebrities
Extreme Cosmetic Surgery
Alan Care End of the Day Show

Asked by your intrepid website author about her love life divorcee Lea mentioned a premier division footballer, who she said was a toy boy who looked good in his England strip, but she would not give a name. Is this why the England team always looked knackered?

Asked for her ideal man tough, Lea said that what she really was after was a Roy Shaw look-alike (or even Roy himself - nudge, nudge).  Volunteers should mail Lea at  - Where did THAT mail address come from!!


See her DIARY  for her latest appearances

The really good news, boys, is that Lea is available for public (and corporate) appearances, signings and photo calls and can be contacted via 

Jon Sweeney on 07939 505001 

or via his pubs on 

Now I know you boys want to see more of her - try the following links: 



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