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I'm Dave's publicist, & wanted to give you an update on  Clubbing to Death, Dave's latest film which I'm directing/producing. Dave shot some scenes at Cage Rage in December with Craig Charles (Red Dwarf,Coronation Street), Philip Olivier (Brookside,Hollyoaks, In the City) &
Daniel Hyde (Hollyoaks). Other cast members to confirm are Ewen MacIntosh (The Office) & DJ Legend Brandon Block. We'll be continuing filming over the next couple of months, & hope to start post production by March. Here are links for the official "Clubbing to Death" myspace profile



 & the cast list (not finished)



Clubbing to Death is a British feature film set in the murky world of club culture, where Dench, a low life gangster runs the five biggest clubs in London, & supplies drugs to all of them. Everything seems to be going well until he gets greedy & decides to rip off his supplier by hijacking the next consignment before it reaches the UK. Trouble is the guy he's been dealing with forgot to mention that they belong to a psychotic American holed up in Morocco. Will Dench & his loyal right hand man Chris be able to stop the mad yanks plans to destroy his clubs & family before it's too late?

How's the film going Dave?

Dave Courtney -Itís going really well. I shoot Deepak Verma (Eastenders) into a freezing cold lake the other day. I play a total cunt that owns the five biggest nightclubs in London.  I am supplying the drugs to all of them. However I get greedy and  decide to rip off  my supplier. Who happens to be a psychotic Mafia boss, played by my old mate Huey Morgan from The Fun Lovin Criminals

Dave on set with Laren Pope, Huey Morgan (Fun Lovin Criminals) & Daniel Hyde (Hollyoaks)


Laren Pope

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